Moulding nurtures the next generation of skilled workers through apprenticeships

R Moulding and Co. – The Country House Builders – has a strong commitment to nurturing the next generation of skilled workers.

Recognising the importance of providing young people with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and develop the skills they need to succeed in the building industry has led to the growth of their apprentice programme.

The program is designed to provide a well-rounded education that covers both the theoretical and practical aspects of the building trade through expert mentorship with hands-on training and guidance to complete a variety of projects. Throughout the apprenticeship, exposure to a wide range of building techniques and materials, provides a comprehensive understanding of the building industry skills and trades. 

What is unique about the Moulding’s apprenticeship programme is the sort of projects they get to work on. As one of the South’s leading residential Country House builders, the projects require a diverse combination of modern and traditional skills and craftsmanship. 

Apprentices are also provided with the opportunity to attend workshops and training sessions that are specifically designed to further their skills and knowledge.

A recent apprentice Josh, started his carpentry apprenticeship with Moulding whilst at Wiltshire College & University Centre in September 2022. He is now enjoying working on site and developing his carpentry skills with support from his mentor Tom and Site Manager Brett.

“Josh has settled really well into the team, he listens carefully to instructions and has a great attitude towards his work.”

– Brett, Site Manager.

Tom, a bricklaying apprentice also started in September 2022.

“I am really enjoying my time at Moulding so far, it’s exciting to be working on the prestige sites Moulding run. I have gathered lots of key skills and information for my bricklaying apprenticeship, I have also picked up basic on-site skills from other trades too from interacting with others at work in the friendly environment on site.”  

– Tom, Bricklaying Apprentice.

Many former Moulding apprentices have subsequently progressed further within the company. Jon completed the NVQ level 3 in site carpentry at Wiltshire College, Salisbury and now works as a Contract Manager.

‘I was very fortunate to be enrolled into a carpentry apprenticeship with Moulding upon leaving school. During my apprenticeship I was privileged to be able to work on a variety of different types of domestic construction, from new builds to the restoration of historic properties. Following a few of years of improving my skills as a site carpenter I was given the opportunity to attend Solent University and attain a HNC in quantity surveying. Since completing this I have had the opportunity to work as a Contract Manager, working on a variety of small, medium and large projects mainly focusing on the cut and carve of domestic dwellings. I also have been fortunate enough to have managed several maintenance contracts with the local Diocese and English Heritage.’

Jon, Contract Manager.

The success of the apprenticeship program at Moulding is due, in large part, to the commitment and dedication of their staff. Their passion to share their skills and knowledge is recognised as imperative to develop the next generation. By doing so, they are investing in the future of their industry and ensuring the continuation of high-quality workmanship for years to come.