A new contemporary style ‘level deck’ indoor swimming pool
including gymnasium, sauna and all necessary changing facilities

Architect: TFH Reeve

Project Architect: Relph Ross Partnership

Built into the side of a hill, this house provides scenic views of the Dorset countryside. The property is designed to provide a seamless transition between indoors and outdoors.

The construction elements included high quality hand made bricks, with full height glazing, most of which is openable to exploit the unobstructed views. The roof was clad in a mixture of zinc and sedum. All plant and equipment was cleverly accommodated within a completely hidden subterranean plant room beneath the pool.

The pool is edged with a black marble that was honed to a tolerance of plus or minus 0mm, which was an incredible feat for the craftsmen involved. The general pool terrace is in natural Chicksgrove stone with underfloor heating and glass mosaic tiles, and the ceiling around the perimeter of the frameless rooflight is illuminated with LED lighting that can be changed to multiple colours. 

A truly stunning build. 

“This building was one of the most complicated I have ever had to deliver. Not only were the tolerances of finishes minuscule and the quality uncompromising, but the coordination of all the construction and services elements required very careful attention to detail’’’