COVID–19 Status Update

7 April 2020

Moulding & Co. (Salisbury) Ltd

As a direct result of the Prime Minister’s address to the nation on Monday 23rd March 2020, we decided to close all our sites immediately, furlough the majority of our trade staff and align with the national three-week period of isolation. Where possible, our management staff have continued to operate remotely in order for us to continue with any project management, closure of completed projects and the securing of new business.

During this time, the Government has maintained its encouragement for construction sites to continue, but only under a protocol of strict social distancing and for work of an essential nature (albeit the nature of ‘essential work’ has yet to be defined).

The HSE released a statement on Monday 6 April 2020 to enforce the criteria of social distancing and warn of heavy fines and enforcement notices should this not be upheld. Similarly, our insurance company have aligned their requirements accordingly.

Unfortunately, for a large amount of our site operations, it is just not possible to satisfy the necessary social distancing rules. There are however, certain areas of work where operations could continue safely.

In order to comply with the Governments furloughing policy, each member of our employed staff committed to this arrangement cannot return to work until a period of 3 weeks has expired. We are therefore actively reviewing a possible restart of certain sites, with a restricted labour resource from Monday 20 April. This of course depends entirely on any changes to Government advice and our available supply chain.

In order to satisfy our safety obligations under social distancing, we have actively started to compile site specific risk assessments and method statements to establish a way forward. We are also engaging regularly with our subcontractors and suppliers to establish a protocol of supply.

In the meantime, let’s hope that the wider measures of national isolation can turn the tide on this dreadful virus, making the workplace a safe environment to return to.