In order to show positive intent and to align with the Government’s drive to encourage business to resume, we initiated a tentative and gradual return to work on Monday 27 April. This of course, is based upon a variety of very strict operating procedures that adhere rigidly to the current Social Distancing Guidelines.

All of our senior managers and surveyors are back at work, albeit most of whom are operating from their homes. We are actively engaged in pursuing new leads and compiling quotations and tenders for new projects. All design team meetings and internal team meetings are being hosted very effectively via video link.

We are currently operating our sites at about 85% of our usual resource levels and remain ever hopeful that under the current Government guidance, with careful management and the improving support from our supply chain, we can gradually increase this over the coming weeks and aim towards a return to full resource by early June.

Please contact us with any enquiries: [email protected]